Will you make accommodation for HIM?

By Marc Lawson

April 3, 2017 Posts 1 Comment

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PASTORS, for all our talk ,and saying things like, “I just want more of God” or praying,”Come, Lord!”,just STOP! Really take a minute,be honest and ask yourself, ” Do I REALLY want the Lord to show up at and in my church? Would I actually make accommodation for HIM?”” Would I panic and run Him off because,I couldn’t handle it?” Then think and realize….does God really have to give us 6 months notice before He comes? NO! If we say our church is “His House”, why would we be anything but delighted when He comes?  But are we ready? Do you live expecting it?
 From  Tommy Tenney’s book, “Chasing God, Serving Man” :
“We make GOD “comfortable” by providing furniture and food suited for the habitation of Divinity.In “God’s Favorite House “, I tell the story of a friend with an apparent genetic disorder causing him to be extremely obese. His great size and weight made it uncomfortable for him to visit the homes of his friends because none of them had furniture designed to bear his weight. After some sad experiences with broken furniture and a broken heart,he learned to look through the door for furniture strong enough to hold him before he would agree to enter a home for a visit. My friend usually gave the prospective hosts some excuse, but he told me, “the truth is ,I’m only leaving because there is no furniture in their house that can hold me.”
The Hebrew word for glory in the Old Testament is kabod and its literal meaning is ” weightiness or weighty splendor”.
I wonder how many times the “weighty glory” of God has visited us but not come in? ”
PASTORS, do you ever wonder how often He “stands and knocks” at the doors of our churches and assemblies, desiring to come in and be among His people, with His glory hidden while HE scans the place looking to see if HIS WEIGHTY GLORY can even be accommodated?
If God showed up this Sunday at your church ,would you not just be willing to “seat” Him, but ready and able to find a place for the Lord to be comfortable among you?
One of the reasons a move of God keeps on moving when it shows up at our churches is God doesn’t desire to destroy your house to accommodate Him. This is why Jesus said  we pour new wine into NEW WINESKINS that can hold the new wine so  BOTH are preserved. (Mt 9:17) The Lord does want to be among us but he also doesn’t want us destroy our churches or lives in the visit!
PASTORS ,I know you want to accommodate people, but can you also consider how you might accommodate God if He desires to come in?
After The Lord mightily showed up at a friend of mine during some of his meetings, the man asked God, “Lord what was that?” The Lord answered him, “I’ve been tagging along and coming to your meetings for years, now I want to come to some of MINE! “.
maxresdefaultDo you really want Him to show up? Are you really going to ACCOMMODATE Him? One definition of accommodation is “to put another’s interest above your own.” This will cost us thought,time and effort. Are you willing? Will the Lord be pleased at how you’ve made provision for HIM? How far are you willing to go to “make room” for Him? He doesn’t force Himself on anyone but wants us to willingly desire Him to be with us and for us to find a way to accommodate His weighty presence among us! He wants to work with us and for us to desire Him enough like Solomon ,we make a place for Him to dwell among us!
Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience.  Steven Furtick
Remember, He is better than you think, but WE must make the choice to “make room” for Him. As Hosts we make provision for our guests, supernatural and natural as well. When a couple is pregnant and due to have a new baby ,they frantically and joyously ” make accommodation” for their new family member! It isn’t automatically done for them. They “make room”. WE EXPAND TO ACCOMMODATE!
Many of us are pregnant with promises but are we willing to make the accommodation for HIM? Make room for HIM!!!
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