We’re All on the Same Team, Right?

By Marc Lawson

April 5, 2013 Posts No comments


Remember that moment in the epic movie,”Braveheart” when William Wallace, on the battlefield, is knocked off his horse by a knight with his face shielded in a helmet? When the knight comes over to see if Wallace is alive, Wallace, playing dead, then grabs him, rips his helmet off & puts a knife to his throat, finding out it is Robert the Bruce,the designated heir to the Scottish throne who has betrayed Wallace to Edward the 1st of England?

This poignant moment of betrayal is what many pastor and leaders are feeling as they see their brothers and sisters in ministry around them succumbing to the pull of the tide of popular culture, stoked by the media and others to throw out “antiquated” positions of Christianity like the definition of marriage and rejection of the words of Christ as unimportant.

This “new form” of Christianity is for same-sex marriage, embraces a “grace” that is a license to live without moral accountability, rejects the words of Christ as “too harsh” and many of Paul’s writings as culturally irrelevant. To these “new spiritual leaders”, fasting, prayer and the practice of self-denial is “religious” and outmoded.

But still these new definers of Christianity always use scripture to back up their positions and they decide which ones to reject as “unloving” and for the “haters”. Their books are popular because they are re-defining God, His word and what a Christian is supposed to be. In one very popular book, the Father is portrayed as old African American grandmother, the Holy Spirit is a sexy Asian chick and Jesus is a fisher “dude”.

40 years ago the popular culture asked, “Is God dead?”. He wasn’t. And today the leaders who were swept into the Kingdom in the many moves of the Spirit since that statement need to wake up and confront this tide of apostasy with truth!

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