What Are You Being Shown?

By Marc Lawson

May 3, 2013 Posts No comments


I have recently been looking for a vehicle to replace a car that has seen better days. As I went around to car lots, I realized the salesmen there initially direct you to what you ask to see. Gradually they begin to direct you and show you other things that may meet your similar criteria. Ideally, they want to sell you the most expensive one on the lot that fits your request, but they have sales deadlines to meet and many times direct you to what will help them, not you.

While this is understandable and that is “the way the game is played”, their misdirection still isn’t always helpful and, many times, it is downright frustrating. While this tactic of showing you “something else I have today” is the oldest trick in the book as far as sales strategy, it reminded me of something. (By the way, I am still looking as I write this. Thankfully I have no pressure to get something right away.)

I believe the enemy uses a similar tactic on us. When we are discontent or experience times of lack, the enemy many times is the loudest voice we hear and attempts to get our vision directed the wrong way. When people go through difficult times, there is a tendency to think that they will last forever. An old adage says,”Tough times never last, but tough people do”. So during times of waiting or trials, many Christians face chronic frustration because they think,” If only I could have this job, then I would be OK. If only I could get that relationship better, then everything would be great.”

The enemy attempts to direct us to see or run after that which we don’t have. Remember in the garden where the serpent came to Eve and immediately began to work on her discontent? He came misrepresenting God as someone trying to withhold things from her. He said to Eve, “Did God REALLY say you can’t touch or eat from any tree in the garden?” Of course, God had not said that. The enemy attempts to portray God as One trying to keep us from having things we need or want, an unfair and unjust withholder of fun and blessing. NOTHING could be further from the truth!

When the disciples had a need for provision to feed the multitudes who came to hear Him, the first thing Jesus asked, was, ”What do you have there? Go check and see”. This is a clear principle we see throughout scripture. God takes what we have to do whatever needs to be done. He uses what we have in front of us. He uses what we have in our hand. With Moses he said, ”What do you have there, a staff? Good, I will use that.” David had his sling and stones. God only asks us to look down at what is right in front of us, not somewhere else. The enemy wants to show us everything but that which we really need! God doesn’t need you to have MORE to work with, He will multiply or amplify whatever you have and use it to get the provision! He uses what you have and does a miracle with that.

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