The Poison of Gossip – Part II

By Marc Lawson

May 10, 2013 Posts No comments


Gossip and slander is spiritually serious and can destroy friendships, marriages, businesses and churches! It is casually accepted as “talking to friends”, but in reality can be deadly to Christians. Over the years I have seen many people fall away from the Lord due to it’s toxic effects. It happens because the offended person won’t go to the one responsible and instead goes to others for solace and support.

Some examples are:

  • Wives talk to other women about their husbands shortcomings
  • Children tell their friends the problems they have with their parents
  • People in a church don’t like the music or carpet color
  • A man tells his golf buddies his complaints about his wife
  • A lady tells coworkers how upset she is with her boss

These are all examples of people refusing to obey the words of Jesus and talking to the person they have the problem with first. While the remedy is simple, it is rarely followed. The bible calls it an EVIL PRACTICE and the nature of Satan! That is serious!

Christian businessman Dave Ramsey has a zero-tolerance policy about gossip:

“Gossip is unfair to everyone involved. It’s unfair to the gossipers because they must toil in a problem situation with no hope of resolution. It’s unfair to others who hear the gossip because it undermines passion for their work, confidence in their leadership and belief in your vision. It’s also unfair to you because you aren’t given the opportunity to address a problem within your business. That’s why there is a no-gossip policy at Dave’s company. Gossip is defined as discussing anything negative with someone who can’t help solve the problem. If you’re having computer problems, and IT is slow about helping you, you don’t complain about it to the sales rep in the break room. You talk to your leader because he or she can and will do something about it. If a team member is discovered gossiping, they receive one warning. After that they’re fired. Negative stuff will happen. That’s inevitable. The negatives may be about a person or a process. Either way, those issues need to be handed to a leader. Complaining to your teammates is disloyalty, and it fosters a negative spirit that will trash the organization.”

Proverbs tells us that a gossip is a disloyal, unfaithful person and NOT to be trusted.

“A talebearer reveals secrets, but he who is of a faithful spirit conceals a matter.” – Pr 11:13

“Where there is no wood, the fire goes out; and where there is no talebearer, strife ceases.” – Pr 26:20

So folks, think about this and evaluate your conversations. These are two of the 7 things the Lord HATES (Pr 6:16-19) Do you find yourself slamming your friends, your mate your parents, your leaders? Is your pride offended so you are avoiding someone? Do you think, “I don’t want any conflict, so I will avoid it”. You do not want to end up on the opposite side of the Lord on this one! If you are doing this, STOP and go to the people you need to go to now!

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