What Does 2014 Hold for Us? – Part II

By Marc Lawson

December 31, 2013 Posts No comments


Here is the continuation of some things I feel the Lord is speaking for 2014

4) This will be a year we must learn to walk in the peace of God. Peace is different than rest. Peace is an attribute of God and an atmosphere. It doesn’t mean being laid back or unhurried. It means we carry the knowing and assurance of who God is,that we are at peace with Him and everyone else. Peace is a cessation of hostilities, strife, vendettas, revenge and bitterness. To walk in the peace of God requires certain things:

  • We must put away all expectations of others and stop expecting people to think and respond like we do!
  • We must quit striving and relax and let the Lord show us how to do it.
  • Realize that what you want to happen may not be what the Lord wants to happen.
  • If there is any one you need to forgive, DO it. Forgive,let go and allow God to deal with them. Stop trying to sort out people who don’t want what you have. Keep your peace & don’t give it away to people who don’t want it! (Mt 10:5&6 Ephesians 4:2-3; Phil 4:3)

5) There will be lots of signs in the heavens and on the earth this year. Luke 21:25 Pay attention to what is occurring on the moon! There will also be a lot of signs and wonders here on earth! Acts 8:13 Phillip 14:3 These signs will be known by people given up for dead who came back! We will also see a lot of: -Rapid reversals; -Awesome overnight turnarounds; -Amazing comebacks; -Tables turned; -Tail becomes the head;and -Rags to riches stories: The lottery winner announced here in Atlanta right before Christmas 2013 was a sign of this.

6) We will have some amazing unveilings, great discoveries with hidden things coming to light this year! Much of these will be awesome for all.There will be others that are not so good. Some will even change the very nature of what people believe.The hardened will become harder and those who aren’t will change their minds; I mentioned five years ago I had a series of dreams where there would be hundreds of new species discovered and there have been; that will continue and even some ancient wonders and mysteries solved.

7) Persecutions The antichrist spirit is rising up so we will be persecuted more and more. The antichrist spirit is at work trying to get rid of Jesus in all walks of life. This is much more than a “war on Christmas” but an all out war on Christ Himself. Luke 20:9-16 The Lord won’t stand for it for long though. Matthew 10:19 He will tell you what to say when you go before people. We must learn to walk in love and humility and trust the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom how to deal with the intolerant and unreasonable as it is going to become more and more difficult to be bold about being a Christian.

8) A New Breed of Christian leader- Years ago the Lord showed us a new breed of believer would be rising up, the Mighty Warrior. There is now a new breed of leader God is releasing in the earth that will lead the body of Christ and churches and movements that can’t & won’t be seduced with compromise, power,money or lust. Because of the increase of and the proliferation of information and real time; God is doing new things in new and different ways; In 2014 we will see more and more of this new breed of ministry arise!

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