How to Never Get Fired at Work – Part 2

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September 30, 2014 Posts No comments

I am continuing to lay out simple principles supervisors,managers and bosses are looking for in their employees. We are not talking about how to brown-nose better than the next person, but instead how to be a dependable, excellent worker.

5) Admit mistakes quickly. We live in a society that avoids difficult things and always opts for the easy way out of problems. When a new employee or a seasoned one admits where they made a mistake where it’s clearly apparent takes courage and security. Bosses HATE dishonesty in their workers and if you cannot be honest with yourself about the obvious, you won’t be honest with other things. Humility is developed first by admitting need.

6) Don’t make excuses, fix the problems. Many managers in business today have mastered the art of not looking bad then blaming others for problems. Every job has problems that arise but the ones that can find ideas and solutions to the problems end up eventually running things! While there may be legitimate reasons things end up failing or not working, to make excuses or blame others rather than fix it is simply not our option. There are always unforeseen consequences to every decision we make. But godly people have the mind of Christ and access to gifts of the Holy Spirit that can fix anything! Words of knowledge and wisdom are indispensable to any enterprise. Like the SNL character says,” FIX IT!”

7) Be cheerful. Unexpected things can happen and we can’t always foresee them but how we approach solving these crisis moments reveals a lot about our inner nature. The joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10) so we must remain cheerful with thankfulness in all our work, even when things go south. This is also reflected in our smile. We have all heard it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown. Smile and be cheerful and it will make your work go by quicker.

8) Never ever complain but instead pray!  Whining and seeing what’s wrong are not helpful. It’s good to see the problem but let’s figure out how to fix it and not curse that it exists. God allowed Israel to face enemy after enemy to show them how to depend on God in every battle. They NEVER LOST when they trusted and depended on God’s strategy. Yes we all have succumbed to discouragement and only seeing the bad. The enemy works hard to show us that and he’s good at it. But pray when you have a challenge or problem. The believer never will face a problem God can’t fix! God designed us to be a blessing to the nations through our problem solving abilities. Pray for the solution and you will have it.

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