God’s Design for You

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From the very beginning, the biggest battle for the believer is to clearly know who they are, what they are called to do and how they relate to God. Each of us has to grapple with our own family and national background, our sexual and racial makeup, and our unique personality to discover the giftings and callings we have. God has specifically designed each of us and THIS is our identity. His perfect will for us is our destiny and purpose. If the enemy at the beginning of our life or other crucial times can lay a false narrative in our thinking and alter our foundation, then our identity and calling will be confused. If this is accomplished, the enemy convinces us we have another identity rather than God’s design so we then become spiritually crippled and eventually alienated from God. We see this tactic in the garden where satan attempts to deceive Eve in Genesis 3:1-6 .

First, the serpent questions what God said and blatantly LIES. There were  HUNDREDS of trees in the garden but the serpent calls into question why God would prohibit them eating from “ANY” tree. God only called one off limits.

Second, the serpent attempts to impugn God’s goodness and create suspicion of God by implying God is trying to hold them back or keep them down in some way.

Third, he promises  a special power to them, even though they already had this ability.

These three tactics of the enemy must be known by us so we can fight off satan’s lies as we find who we are in Christ. The identity theft tactic is also used on Jesus when satan tempts Him in the wilderness in Mt 4:1-11.

“If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”  1) Satan immediately questioned Jesus about WHO He is! He didn’t say, “If you are the Son of man,” but called into question His spiritual identity and redemptive mission as the SON OF GOD!

“If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it is written. 2) A second time the devil says, IF YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD and then even uses scripture to bring it into question. The devil KNOWS the bible.

“All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.” 3)The third time satan doesn’t question or tempt Jesus’ identity, but His allegiance to Father God  and invites Jesus to follow him by promising to give Jesus power which He already had!

These same tactics of the enemy are relentlessly used on God’s people and His leaders. If God’s perfect design for us is rejected,our destiny or purpose on the earth is also thwarted. God’s design for us allows us to flow and function in an ease and a peace because we are not trying to be something we are not called to be.  For example, if a horse tries to fly it will be unsuccessful because it was not designed by God for this purpose. But a bird IS designed to fly and does it with skillful ease. We must ruthlessly resist these tactics of the enemy and pursue God’s design for us. When the enemy questions your identity tell him who you are in Christ and what you are called to do through the scripture and he will flee!


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