“Low-Energy” leaders & churches

By Marc Lawson

November 3, 2015 Posts No comments


NOW that we are in political primaries for the 2016 election, one politician described one of his competitors as “low-energy”. This proved to be a devastating blow to the candidate because while he is very laid-back ,his attacker has a reputation for speaking his mind, taking charge and is HIGH energy. Since most voters see the problems today as massive and in need of a decisive leader that will FIX the mess, candidates who come across as indecisive and uncertain are not going to be heard. When this topic was the news cycle, the thought came to me that the church in the US has the same problem!

Whether we want to admit it,the church is in a crisis today because the country and culture are in a crisis so we desperately need high-energy churches led by high-energy leaders to get Kingdom work done! With the troubling trajectory our culture and country is headed,pastors can no longer afford to be cowards and hide behind their services or a stealth Christianity.Issues we face are forcing us to “put up or shut up”. Today is similar to the days of Elijah,when Jezebel and her hundreds of prophets were controlling the agenda in the land. We must call out and challenge people and the institutions to choose today who they are going to follow!  “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him! 1 Kings 18:21

Now it’s not the personality.temperament or volume of the leader I’m talking about, but does the leader have a passion,drive and a sold-out heart for God and His purpose? And with the Spirit emphasizing the Kingdom more than the church,leaders must see a bigger picture, beyond their safe comfortable flock. What the leader models,he reproduces. These “low-energy” leaders do a few consistent things.

Truth Decay-Many leaders have come out of “seeker” churches that avoid offending people with the uncomfortable truths of the gospel and the life Jesus expects. So they then avoid  discussing  issues that are volatile or controversial. They might have been able to get away with that in simpler times,but not today. And with the fastest-growing segments of US churches being minorities, there can be a tendency to avoid addressing  truths which confront the sinful mindsets of these cultures as well. While each culture is unique & valid, ALL cultures are sinful so areas  that confront all cultures must be addressed. If we preach the truth,people may hate what they hear sometimes,but they need to hear it. John 3:19-21

 Appearance is everything-“Low-energy” leaders seem to care more about how things look and “run” than        what is being accomplished. Is God showing up?Is the Holy Spirit allowed to lead His church?If everything is calm and quiet,this doesn’t mean there is necessarily peace. A cemetery is a very quiet,calm orderly place but there is NO LIFE THERE! It’s the difference between a nursery with noisy children or a morgue.Both are in a hospital but vastly different.Is it a form of godliness without power?


Missing the point- The entire purpose of the church can be summed up in one word: Discipleship.We are called to win them and then make and develop disciples of Jesus. Jesus must be our model and churches are to run more like schools,interactive learning centers where people are trained and developed to act like and live like Jesus. Having worship or services without vision to move people forward into something more where they can thrive is missing the purpose. Besides being the pillar and support of the truth,churches are to serve Kingdom purposes, not be a pastor’s pet project. I recently read a story of an asian megachurch where the pastor diverted millions in church funds to advance his wife’s musical career and a jury found him guilty. This kind of thing is missing the mark.

Indecisive, not visionary- These are serious times made for serious leadership.Low energy leaders are slackers, doing just enough to get by and not casting a vision to their Millennials so they can grab hold of their callings and purpose. Many are confused about their own identity or calling and become underachievers so as not to make any mistakes going down a wrong road. With all the prophetic ministry we have access to today, pastors have opportunity to have ample vision and clarity where they want to take their churches. Where there is no vision the people perish .Pr 29:18

In today’s chaotic culture we have a  need for confident high-energy leaders willing to do what needs to be done to develop high-energy churches which make a mark on the spiritual landscape and advance God’s agenda! Raise them up Lord!

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