Socialism/Economics for Millennials

By Marc Lawson

February 12, 2016 Posts No comments

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes,  inclinations, or dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.  John Adams

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Lenin


“If you elect me,I will give you FREE everything!” 

 If you went to a public school ,college or university in the US there is a great likelihood that Marxist-influenced,America-hating educators wrote some of your curriculum. They used words  like “progressive”,which actually means ”headed towards communism” or “unfair”,implying those who excel  should share their rewards. This is an attempt to sell you on socialism. Words like “inequality” & “fairness” are used to sell you on the idea that “life isn’t fair” and the government will make it fair. Well the truth is: Life ISN’T fair and the government can’t make it fair! America isn’t perfect but has created the greatest economy the world has ever seen due to allowing all people freedom to have equal opportunity. There is and never will be a guarantee of an equal outcome,no matter what Bernie Sanders promises.

Making people feel dissatisfied is essential to sell us on the idea that government can fix any problem by promising “free” stuff. Words are used to create the premise that“we’re all equal” and need to be “fair”. However,this means taking  (robbing) from those who have. Socialism, simply put,is taking from achievers and producers in society and giving it to others, including the poor,the lazy and even slackers.The way to crush the bourgeoisie (middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation” Lenin

Capitalism, or a form of it, is used in anyplace in the world where there is a middle class. A booming economy will be a capitalistic economy. It is a free,aspirational economic model  where individuals can save and spend their own money to create businesses and acquire property and wealth. Socialism is the brand of economics proposed by  Bernie Sanders where government regulates the marketplace,wages,income, means of production and distributes to everyone to be fair. It rewards the have-nots and punishes the haves in its quest of fairness to “level the playing field”. Of course, when achievers are punished with onerous regulations,high taxes or confiscation of wealth, there is no reward or motivation to excel. See: France. So they stop producing and go somewhere else they aren’t punished. Experts predict that a 95% tax rate proposed by Sanders would cause at least 5-6 Trillion to leave the country ,collapsing the economy. Socialism punishes producers in the society and has an aversion to anyone owning private property and acquiring capital or wealth. Bernie Sanders recently said, “No one should make more than a million dollars a year.”

Socialists lean toward creating an eventual progressive,utopian totalitarian state where all opposition in politics,education or the arts is removed under the guise of fairness! To eliminate dissent ,socialists eventually have to kill large numbers of people who disagree with them,including other nations. They must control  media and make businesses  go along (Fascism) or be nationalized(Communism). Most become dictators because the government can have NO competing or opposing voices. Think: North Korea.


Famous socialists you might have never heard of in your school who destroyed their countries in the last century were:

1)Joseph Stalin,Vladimir Lenin-(1917-1989)The Soviet Union-62m dead

2)Adolph Hitler,National Socialism (NAZI) Germany-(1932-1945)-21m dead

3)Mao Tse Tung,Communist China(1921-1979)-49m dead

The bottom line is the inevitable future of a socialist state is economic collapse and millions of dead bodies! NOTE: Socialist type programs in the US the last 60 years have produced  a 20 trillion national debt and Obama, the most progressive president in US history, is responsible for 70% of it in only 8 years of his presidency. Obama,a socialist, has accumulated more debt than all other presidents who ever lived!

In early 2016 US, 150m work and  pay taxes to take care of the 94 million not working, who COULD BE, but are not because they MOST are getting some form of “free” assistance. The haves are already taking care of the have-nots! We face a looming DEBT catastrophe leftists don’t want to to admit. Margaret Thatcher said, The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  America already has!

MILLENNIALS,do you love Starbucks, I-phones or Android devices,Snapchat,Instagram,Whole Foods and all your apps? They would NEVER come about in a SOCIALIST America. Apple,Starbucks,Trader Joe’s,UnderArmor,Call of Duty,Levi’s, Sprint or Android and many awesome business ideas cannot exist in a socialist state because these were ALL produced by innovative capitalists who saved money, invested it and invented something to benefit people for a profit ! The market dictated its success, NOT the state. In a socialist state, they would NEVER be allowed to acquire the money(capital) to start the business because excessive taxation and regulations to make everyone “equal” would have already taken it!  

Millennials,Bernie Sanders may be offering you student loan forgiveness and free education, but it’s a lie! “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. Don’t buy the cranky old white man’s line. He can’t deliver. People like that are called POLITICIANS,but that’s another lesson for another time.


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