Our profound prophetic deficit exposed! Pt 2

By Marc Lawson

November 11, 2016 Posts No comments

So what are the reasons for this prophetic deficit and the prophetic blindness and deafness?

The Media Mountain of Slime

If you are confused about the election results,maybe take the cue from Paul who told us to examine ourselves (2 Cor 13:5)and see if you are in the faith, then ask yourself :
1) Am I acquainted with the Spirit of Truth? Scripture’s clear that God will participate in your delusion if you agree with it.
2 Thessalonians 2:11 “Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false”
We have to learn to LISTEN to hear the truth. “If anyone has ears to hear”…
2)How many cues am I taking from the voice of a dishonest, corrupt Jezebellic media,now exposed to be corrupt and a propaganda instrument for the Democratic party?
The old media: NYT,Washington Post,CNN,NBC,CBS,ABC,1/3 at Fox are losing so many followers it appears the New York Times and others who pushed their narrative may close in the next few months! Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda used to elevate Hitler was child’s play compared the level of deceit, propaganda and dishonesty spewed out by these priests of the “media mountain,”Lance Walnau calls it, to push their position for the election.They are guarding their version of truth and propagandizing rather than reporting truth. Almost NONE of them are Christians. The reason they missed so BADLY and are IN SHOCK is they actually believe their own propaganda!
Believers must get our worldview from the scriptures and a clean conscience determined by our spirit,not the media. The media is not our “conscience”.They are polluted priests of their own wicked religion where up is down,right is wrong and victimhood and perversion is everywhere.
3) Do I receive my understanding of “truth” through abiding in the Word of God & hearing the voice of God or am I tipping my hat and taking my worldview from a corrupt, immoral media ?
I would suggest media is a false god of this present world system and many people, pastors,leaders and churches bow their knee to it. While there are many wonderful elements to it that are not at all corrupted, it has the power to create a narrative that sways us. 40 years ago,the US free press was considered unbiased,not taking sides but uncovering truth,reporting FACTS and whistleblowing on corruption. Today it is bought and paid for by corporate interests that attempt to move opinion and reality to its narrative of right and wrong.
Without discernment coming from the Holy Spirit we are dumbly led astray.
Think: are you bowing your knee to worldly wisdom and the gods of this age in the media? Is that where you get your worldview? If you are,repent,open your bible and have your mind transformed!


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